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Feb 26, 2014 8:00am PST
lumumba on democracy now! the day after he was elected. i asked him about the fbi's decision last are to place his former client, assata shakur, on the most wanted terrorist list. but before we play that clip, i want to ask you about the media 'sverage, he chokwe lumumba election, and some who call the most revolutionary man in america -- mayor in america, and a lack of coverage. i was watching the networks last night and open the "new york times" paper edition today and i did not see a reference. for night watching msnbc hours. i did not watch every single second son may have missed something, but i did not see a reference. as bill chandler said, he died late yesterday afternoon. >> i saw something in "the times" this morning -- >> online, yes. >> chokwe is somebody you have to give this much time to really talk about. this is a man who lived, if you will, multiple journeys in his life. and he was quixotic to people because on the one hand, you could easily stereotype him as being some sort of radical -- he would say he was a radical because he did not see that as being a bad thi
Mar 6, 2014 8:00am PST
government and she admits that. the actions of the fbi in every inning angela davis are rather remarkable for u.s. district court judge set bail at $100,000. its entire -- >> they wanted to break me. >> there was enormous feeling for angela everywhere in the world. >> we know she is innocent. >> we went to tell that pharaoh in washington to let angela davis go free. >> what they're doing is an exaggerated form of what happens every day to black people in this country. >> angela! free angela! >> what does it mean to be a criminal and the society? >> they're not going to kill her or imprison her. we're going to win her freedom. documentary on angela davis. the making of that documentary from the film maker approached you wanting to do what? in making interested a film about the trial. i had previously been aware of her work because she did a --derful film >> who ran for president. >> the first black woman to run for president in this country, yes. i have been approached many times by people who wanted to do films, but have been reluctant. i did not think it would be fair producti
Mar 5, 2014 8:00am PST
shooting, the fbi was also monitoring conway's actions as part of its counter intelligence program known as cointelpro. numerous groups have campaigned for years calling for marshall eddie conway's release. in 2001, even the baltimore city council passed a resolution urging the governor of maryland to pardon him. conway remained politically active in prison. in 2011, ak press published his memoir titled "marshall law: the life and times of a baltimore black panther." in prison he also started friend of a friend, group that helps young man, often gang members, resolve conflicts. it is affiliated with the american friends service committee. marshall eddie conway joins us from baltimore, less than 24 hours after being released from prison. also with him, his attorney bob boyle. we welcome you both to democracy now! eddie conway, how does it feel to be free? >> i'm not sure yet. i'm still getting adjusted. i actually haven't slept at all. that i am enjoying the new environment. >> you must have been shocked yesterday in a nondescript courtroom when the judge announced you were free. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3